What’s a veggie?

It is no shocker that I absolutely loathe fruits and vegetables.  My idea of a veggie is mashed potatoes with extra butter.  Yeah, not kidding.  So obviously you can imagine the horror today when my dietician was going over my file.  I sort of felt embarrassed, but I had answered her questions with complete honesty and she could not have asked any more of me.  I really stumped her, and due to my “picky” eating habits, she just did not know what to do.  We drew out a make shift meal plan for what I would be eating for the next month.  I made a huge compromise and told her I would attempt carrots and bananas.  In the meantime, I now have to eat at least one fruit or vegetable a day.

So, with my mealplan in tow, I headed to Kroger to see what sort of goodies I could find.  I ended up not buying a lot, but enough to last me for at least a week to try out my new nutrition plan.  For breakfast each morning, I will be eating either dry cereal or oatmeal, both of which can be paired with a fruit.  Beverage of the morning will be orange juice or milk.  I am allotted a midmorning snack, so Kashi will be helping me out with some yummy and nutritious granola.  Lunch each day will be a good old fashioned turkey sandwhich on whole grain wheat bread with a spicy mustard spread.  My side item would be a banana, apple, or orange.  Then, each night for dinner I get to eat chicken in any healthy fashion.  Looks like the George Forman will be recieving some quality usage here soon.  Of course, a side item of yogurt, or a fruit.  Major lifestyle changes headed my way.

This afternoon, I also underwent a fitness evalutation at Fort Sanders West Health Club.  My trainer, Chip, was super fantastic and definitely lightened the mood since I was nervous going in.  He took my blood pressure, weight and did a few measurements.  My heart rate got checked while walking at different speeds on a treadmill.  It got a little down and dirty for the flexibility test.  I had to keep my legs straight in front of me then reach out to push a bar as far as I could.  It was all actually decently fun.  Part of the evaluation also included a number of crunches and push ups.  Lets just say I need to work on strength training. 

Our first training run is this Saturday, and I’m looking to cover about 5 miles.  Can’t wait! 

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