Hips Don’t Lie

Okay all you young people, I know that the title is the same as that of a popular hiphop song, but after my runner’s evaluation today, it definitely rings true.  This afternoon, I met with Phil Bevins.   Phil is a physical therapist in addition to being an exercise physiologist.  My consult with him today consisted of multiple stretches, as well as being observed both standing still and running.  He tested how tight my leg muscles were and came to the conclusion that I have very strong hips.  Who knew?  Well, hips don’t lie now do they?  His overall opinion was that my muscles looked great and that I had really good flexibility, especially in my ankles.  This is such exciting news and now I can continue my training and hopefully stay injury free.

Tonight was also our weekly nutrition meeting.  Stacey Smith taught the class and focused on small ways that we can squeeze in physical activity during the day.   Keep in mind that physical activity is more of a daily movement, rather than structured exercise.  Her small tips were super convienient and I can’t wait to start implementing a few of them into my daily routine.  Also in tonight’s news, I would just like to inform everyone that as of tonight, I have lost a total of 18 pounds.  Whew, that’s a lot.  I still can’t fathom how fast it came off but it did and I am immensely proud of myself.  Stay tuned for more updates on my journey in the Biggest Winner.

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