Trophy Wife

Good Thursday evening to you, folks.  My procrastination hit me in the face today when I realized I had no clean gym clothes, so I spent the earlier half of the day doing loads and loads of laundry.  You should be impressed with my ability to be domestic.  I spent the past couple of hours at the gym doing power hour.  I performed what I would deem as circuit training so that I could get a full body work out.  Lucky for me, the Vols were on TV, so I was often pausing to watch them. 

The next two weeks are going to be busy busy busy.  I have three personal training sessions, two 5k races, an appearance on Live at Five at Four, my mother is going to Las Vegas, and of course I have to fit in social time before school starts back.  What a busy bee I am.  Oh, and today I was stalking myself on the Covenant Health website, and to my horror, they put my starting weight and body mass index on it.  Mind you, I knew good and well that they were going to do this, but something about actually seeing it on my computer screen really struck a nerve.  The mental image of it was going through my head all night at the gym.

However, I am bound and determined to be the Biggest Winner.  I have been doing everything that I am supposed to and have been giving it my all every single day.  Even if I don’t win, I will still have won because I’ll have a rocking body to match my super rocking personality.  (that wasn’t meant to sound concieted).  But if I do win, maybe I’ll get a trophy.  And since I can be domestic by doing laundry and I can cook too (see previous post), then they might as well just call me a trophy wife, right?  🙂

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