2011: Bring It On!

To me, New Year’s is just another day.  I rarely make plans for New Year’s Eve, and I would not dream of making any kind of resolution.  But since starting the Biggest Winner, we have been talking a lot about setting goals.  Obviously, my ultimate goal would be to drop down to my target weight and win this competition, but we have been taught to make smaller goals that all lead to the bigger picture.  So I began a list of things I would like to accomplish.  You can call them goals, resolutions, or crazy ambitions but these are things that are important to me.  As follows:

1.  Run all the way up Chesnut Hill.
2.  Weigh less than 200 pounds.
3.  Be comfortable wearing a sports bra and cutoff shirt to the gym
4.  Ride 50 miles in one day on my road bicycle
5.  Complete a half marathon in less than 2:30
6.  Be forced to buy a complete new wardrobe
7.  To climb the Alpine Tower
8.  To be able to do a training run with friends Tahnee and Jaena.
9.  Run a 5k in under 30 minutes.
10. Be the Biggest Winner.
I know that with time and training, then my effort will pay off and I can slowly start marking these goals off my list.  I’m not stopping til I have completed all 10 of these goals.  Can I do it?  Yes. I. Can.

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