Tough as Nails…Pink Nails!

Woo this morning was a meeting with the wonderful Barbara Foster, the dietician at Covenant Health.  Today’s meeting had a much better vibe and not as much tears/kleenex.  As of today I have officially lost 21 pounds.  Go me!  Ms. Barbara said she was very proud of me for sticking to my meal plans and for having such huge success.  She even gave me a Bruce Pearl shoutout.  See below.

Hey Bruce, I really wish your team was #1 like me.  Anywho, so following that, I decided to try a new group fitness class today.  Kickboxing.  I’ve participated in some forms of TurboKick before, but I have only ever kicked air.  Today I wrapped my hands and put on some boxing gloves to kick/hit/punch/jab the bag for about an hour.  Afterwards, I traveled down to Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase some pink gloves to take to classes from now on.  I figured that my gloves had to be pink since they were covering up my beautiful pink nails, and of course pink gloves match virtually  my entire wardrobe.  So good ole Kelsey has been a tough little gal today.  Now it is my time to unwind and relax because I am being treated to a one hour full body massage today.  Yay 🙂

These are SO me. 

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