Non-Sedentary Saturday

Okay, I’m not going to lie.  I had to be at the Health Shoppe in Suburban Plaza today before 8am.  But when I awoke to see that it was 7:19 and snowing outside, I was very much tempted to crawl back in bed and just blame the weather.  None of that nonsense!  I took a shower so fast, the water did not even have time to get warm, then threw on any clothes I could find and had to drive like a grandma to avoid wrecking on the icy roads.  Finally made it and was so excited that almost the entire team was able to make it.  Did I mention it was snowing?   We walked carefully down to the greenway, which was made visible by footprints left by the front of the pack.  Our team did our own thing and just went at our own pace.  I was a little worried at first because so many cars were sliding on the roads and we were running right beside them.  Obviously, we lived to tell about it.  No snow is gonna stop the biggest winners from “losing”.  Afterwards, we had a nice little time of fellowship at the Starbucks next door.  Join us next week for our training run!

It was snowing so hard!

The infamous slippery road.

Trying to get warm at Starbucks.

Following the 6 miles of our training run, I headed to the gym for my kickboxing class.  I was so excited to use my new pink gloves and everyone commented on how my nails, wraps, gloves, shirt, and shorts were all pink.  Apparently they were uninformed that pink is my signature color.  I was grateful to spend an hour punching the bag and releasing some stress/energy.  The sweetest little lady in my kickboxing class has convinced me to go back tomorrow to the Body Combat class.  Not sure that “combat” is a word in my fitness vocabulary, but we will see!  Looking forward to it.

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