Top of the morning to y’all.  I went to the gym today for a class called Body Combat.  Told you I would!  It incorporated a lot of the kickboxing punches I have been doing, but added some self defense and karate in too.  Our instructor Jackie was the absolute stuff!  So much fun and kept us all motivated.  And of course, I saw the sweet little lady who convinced me to go too.  I really need to get her name because I feel guilty calling her sweet little lady, but for now, that is what she will be affectionately referred to as. 

Tomorrow I am meeting Chip for a training session if the weather will allow it.  Praying for strength since my body has had four rigorous past days.  I go back to school this week too so I am anxious to see how I can adapt to going back to a set schedule each week.  I know that with dedication I can make it happen and come April 3, I’m going to be unstoppable at the marathon.  Check out the pictures below for some snapshots from our training session with Chris.

                             This is the classy way to do a crunch.

                             Pam, myself, Katherine, and Jules. 

Feeling a little down this week about yourself or your body?  Read Psalm 45:11  and Psalm 139:14.  I read those two verses today and they were a little pick-me-up for my self image.  Remember that God created the world and saw that it was good, then made us and saw that it was VERY good.

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