Hoop there it is!

Hello bloggers!  What a productive past couple of days it has been.  Tuesday afternoon our wonderful team appeared on Live at Five at Four, and we were great.  We looked spectacular and we all had some weight loss.  I haven’t enjoyed these snow days too much, but it was back to the grind today because spring semester began for me.  I have a pretty challenging schedule, but I have full confidence that I’m gonna nail it.  This morning I woke up and packed my lunch as if I was starting Kindergarten.  I had my snacks, and my sandwich all tucked away in my Vera lunchbox and I was off for my big day.  Following a long day at school I headed to the gym.

Spent the first hour at the gym doing my usual kickboxing class.  Loved that of course.  Then I marched down to the basketball courts and asked if I could play the next game.  The boys willingly let me and I took pride that I was the only girl among the group.  I contributed a few points here and there for my team and even managed to nag a few rebounds.  I haven’t played ball since the 6th grade, so its good to know I still have some game.  Basketball is really a tougher workout than you might think because you are constantly running and moving.  After I wowed the gym with skills that could rival Pat Summitt, I went to our group session with Chris.  Another fabulous night of his motivational words and encouragement.  We did some tough exercises with the stability balls, and worked a lot of our arm muscles.  Overall it was a great day, and I hope yours was too.  So, stop reading this and get out and move 🙂

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