Don’t Kill Yourself

It is always inspiring when your marathon coach emails you to tell you good luck on your 5k today, and then ends the email with “don’t kill yourself”.  Thank you, Missy Kane.  Yes, I managed to do a 5k this afternoon.  My time was not up to my standards, which only means I’ll have to work twice as hard next time.  Thankfully, a girl from Townsend was there to meet up with me and I ran with her for a while until she just took off.  She was nice enough to come back and run with me to the finish which was so incredibly kind.  After the race, the sweetest man came up to me to ask me about my time and offer some words of encouragement.  He mentioned how he used to be approximately 150 pounds heavier and that he has used running to get back in good shape.  Such an inspiring and motivating story.  Loved him!   Even if it wasnt my best race today, at least I exercised….without killing myself.

Now, I’m off on another “adventure”.  My very best friend and myself are going out to eat.  At a restaurant. Ever since starting this program, I have had no desire to eat restaurant food so this is going to be a challenge.  Luckily, another dear friend who has lost around 60 pounds works at the place we are going to, so I am counting on his expertise to guide me in making a good food choice.  This trip will be a good test of self discipline and self control, so it is kind of a big deal for me.  No worries, because I’m hardcore, and no, I won’t kill myself.

1 thought on “Don’t Kill Yourself

  1. I always tell myself, even if a race doesn't end with the time I wanted, that finishing is the best place for me! I go into a race with a goal finish time but overall I am happy to cross the finish line. WAY TO GO! And how nice of people to offer encouragement and motivation! Love that! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your restaraunt meal out! Happy weekend!

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