Getcha some!

Could this day be any better?  Hope that you are loving this 65 degree, blue sky weather as much as I am.  The marathon team and other fellow runners met bright and early at New Balance of Knoxville this morning for our weekly training run.  I decided to do 8 miles and they all felt great.  I had a good interval pace going on and the weather  complimented it perfectly.  After my run, I headed to the gym to go to my biweekly kickboxing class so that I could get an upper body work out.  Much to my surprise, we did way more cardio and kicks than we usually do and my pitiful legs were screaming for mercy. 

To make it a completely non-sedentary Saturday, my friend Laura called me after the gym to invite me to go walking on the Townsend bike trail with her and her 2 year old.  We did a little over 4 miles and since we pushed a stroller, we got an even better workout.   The best part?  I do not even feel tired or sore and I virtually almost did a half marathon today. I’m improving! And, the weather could not have been more perfect and this day has just been great.   So, getcha some!   See below for a few pictures from the run this morning.

Knoxville Track Club at NB of Knox

The team and myself.  Representing the Big Orange.

The elite front of the pack passing me and their second loop.  One of those runners is a two time CHKM winner.

1 thought on “Getcha some!

  1. Sounds like you had a great day!! And look how active you were! Amazing. 🙂 It was a beautiful day. I had my first 8 miler today in Bearden and it too was a great run.

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