Manic Mondays and Turbulant Tuesdays

Monday has the potential to be renamed “Motivating Monday”, because that’s essentially what all my Mondays are.  This past Monday, I met with Chris O’Hearn to talk about my goals, and how to accomplish them.  I’ve discovered that seeing a life coach is way more emotional than I expected it to be, and a lot of tears are usually shed.  But that is a great thing because mental/emotional health is important in the weight loss journey too.  I’m slowly but surely starting to realize that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that I am beautiful.  Yes, I have to tell myself that multiple times on a daily basis, but I’m starting to believe it and am starting to feel much better about myself. 

Chris O’Hearn, my super fab life coach.  Visit his website

Manic/Motivating Mondays also consist of Chip Gibson training sessions.  Every week, we try new things, and the more we do, the more I love it.  He had me do box jumps, which is basically just jumping vertically onto a square platform.  So much harder than it looks!  I did it though, and could not have felt more proud.  If you are bored with your work out, or just not motivated, I would highly recommend hiring a trainer.  It makes a huge difference and results are almost guarenteed to show.  Plus, it helps to have someone motivating you and there for you when you are going through such a rigorous process.

Speaking of results, yesterday was Turbulent Tuesday.  After a long day at school, I headed to the gym to play some basketball, but decided that I wanted to be measured instead.  So one of the trainers took my measurements and then compared them to the measurements I had the day I began this whole thing.  I’ve lost more than 17 inches on my arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves.  Such progress!   Tuesday was also weigh in day at the Weight Managament Center.  I was a little shocked when I saw that I had gained 2.5 pounds, but I looked at my reciept and since last week’s weigh in, I had lost 8 pounds of body fat and gained 10.5 pounds of fat free mass.  Let me repeat: 8 pounds of body fat!  In a week!  That in itself was so incredibly motivating and I wasn’t so horrified about gaining a little weight.  My muscle mass has to come from somewhere. 

This week, I have vowed to try a new vegetable: asparagus.  Commentary coming soon.

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