Black and Yellow!

Friday morning, I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the studios of WIVK and go on air with Andy and Allison, as well as be a guest on the Hallerin Hilton Hill show.  Such fun!  I had to practice talking slow leading up to that day because we all know I average about 1253 words per minute.  I thought I did pretty well considering how nervous I was.  Loving all these opportunities to talk about my Biggest Winner journey.  I kickboxed after that, and weighed in.  As of Friday, I have lost 30 pounds total.  Yay me!

Myself, Hallerin, and Missy Kane

Yesterday was our group training run so I bundled up in my rain gear to face the pouring rain that Knoxville had to offer.  I ended up turning around at the 3.5 mile marker so that I could get in 7 miles, but got a little lost on the way back, so I ended up doing 8.2 miles total (according to my Garmin).  After the run, it was Saturday morning kickboxing time so I got to go get my fight on!  Such fun!  The ladies in my kickboxing class are such sweethearts and we always have a fantastic time. 

Tonight is Super Bowl Sunday so I hope that all you readers are sporting your black and yellow for the Steelers!  Or, I at least hope you are enjoying the commercials. 

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