Hitting the road, but not by foot!

Friday morning, my dad and I left Townsend around 6 am to drive up to South Dakota to take my uncle a new truck.  I decided that since I was feeling awake, I’d take the first leg and drive first.  We made it to Nashville, Paducah, Mt. Vernon, and even up to St. Louis.  My uncle decided to just meet us about 200 miles north of St. Louis.  But I drove the whole way!  Go me!  I was a super good marathoner because I packed my own snacks, lunches, and dinners, but once we met up with my uncle, I was sabotaged.  My uncle lives in a town with 62 people in it.  Literally.   And the nearest Cracker Barrell (his favorite restaurant) is 312 miles away.   So his bright idea was to stop and eat there.  If Barbara Foster is reading this, please still love me.  As I browsed the menu, I could not find anything that looked remotely healthy.  So I settled on a sirloin minus the oil, marinade, and seasoning.  I could just feel myself getting fatter while eating it.  Horrible horrible!  After exchanging vehicles, my dad and me made the trip back to Townsend.  So after more than 1500 miles on the road in a day’s time, I was wore out so sleep was definitely on my agenda of things to do. 

My uncle’s wonderful license plate.

Hello, St. Louis.

Cannot wait til Monday, because I am the lucky gal who has 5 Valentines.  Count them, 1..2..3..4..5!  Yes, 5 Valentines.  Be jealous of me, please.  Anywho, Happy Saturday to y’all and keep up with your training.  Don’t forget the marathon races price increase is Tuesday, so be sure to register before then to secure your spot to finish at the fifty.

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