Gym Rat

Gym rat.  That is what I have become.  Yesterday, I arrived at the gym at 8:30 for my hour long kickboxing class.  I had a little extra time before leaving the gym, so I decided to do a tiny bit of strength training.  Then, during my lunch break, I was able to do my 110 stories on the stairmaster in 24 minutes flat.  Loved that!  One of my new short term goals is to be able to do my 110 in under 20 minutes.  I’m so going to make that happen.  I was also able to fit in a 2 mile run around the track during my lunch too. 

After school yesterday, I went to Fleet Feet and treated myself to a Sweaty Band.  They are super cute non slip bands that actually fit my head and don’t fall off.  Check out to see if you can find one to fit your style.  Afterwards, it was off to the gym for the third time in one day.  I mostly did strength and then thirty minutes on the run simulation machine.  Nutrition class was last night too, so I learned ways to cut back salt and fat from my diet. 

Hey, the day wasn’t over yet, so after nutrition class I met Chelsea at the gym to climb another 110 stories on the stairmaster.  To say that I was wore out last night would be an understatement.  But I know that if I put in my time at the gym then results will show.  It will definitely be worth all the hard work when April 3 comes.  A few months ago, I would never have even dreamed of doing any of these things, let alone do it all in one day.  Such a vast improvement a few months can make.  Hope you all are living your dreams today!

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