Monday with Missy

Hey gang, Kelsey Godfrey here, live from blogging.  So glad you could join us today.  Okay, so that sounded like a scripted tv show introduction, but hey, I filmed for tv today, so I can pull it off!  Today has been so great, even with the rain.  I woke up real early (around 7am) so that I could get a morning run in.  I actually ended up running around 2.5 miles, but walked about 1. 5 additional miles with my momma.  Then it was showtime!  Yvonne was nice enough to braid my hair and we drove to Knoxville to film with Missy Kane for Fit and Fun!

I wore a pink sports tank with black compression pants, and wheeew I looked skinny!  So exciting!  I talked a little fast on the show, but I always do, so no worries there.  I was so blessed that my mother and Yvonne actually went with me to watch live in studio.  We did a kickboxing circuit and talked about my weight loss journey.  Such exciting stuff.

Then it was off to the gym to see Chip and Chris.  Since I filmed this morning, me and Chip did not do our usual training session, rather we did a really, really fast mile around the track.  I usually hate running with people, but it was nice to have someone to push me beyond my normal level, and I was left with a great sense of accomplishment.  I also saw Chris of course, and that went well as always.  Sometimes it is nice just to have someone to talk to about anything going on in your life.  It really is nice to be listened to, so I always love meeting with him.  I realized today that if I can lose 13 more pounds by the half marathon, then I will have lost 50 pounds total through the Biggest Winner.  Just 13 pouunds!  Technically, that is one pound for every mile I will be running on April 3.  I have a month left to do it, so I’m  getting my butt in gear and its going to happen.

Showing off that hard earned bicep.  That’s my momma.

My momma actually bought me that pink shirt specifically for Missy’s show.  I look so so so skinny.

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