News and Naples

Today has been the most blessed day ever.  Not only did I have a fabulous day at school (which included getting a 94 on my Western Civ exam), and shopping with two of my best friends, but I was on the news!  Yes, the Biggest Winner team was on Live at Five at Four today.  Yeehaw.  Following that, we went upstairs for a photoshoot, then it was off to our special treat: Naples!

Don’t worry, Barbara Foster made special arrangements with the chef, so everything we ate was super healthy.  I got to sit across from Phil Bevins, the physical therapist for Parkwest Therapy Center.  He really offered some helpful insights and put my mind at ease from the nerves I had.  Dinner was delicious and afterwards, Tonya and Missy presented us with superlative awards.  The awards ranged from “Pam the Blam Award” to “The Tractor Pull Award”.  My award was “Looking Good Award” since I always dress cute and have the smile of a beauty queen.  We even got personalized trophies with an appropriate icon and had our names on them.  So neat! We are 5 days away from marathon day and it is so incredibly exciting!

Kelly, Kelsey, and Chelsea

I’m the newest anchor at WBIR

 The team on the set of Live at Five at Four
Me and Foxxy taking over the job of Russell Biven and Beth Haynes

The team with our trophies.
My trophy

Close up of my award 🙂

I was a little pumped about getting a trophy, if you can’t already tell.

1 thought on “News and Naples

  1. Sounds like a fabulous day!! Love the award you got and it absolutely sounds 100% fitting! 🙂 You guys looked great on tv! Have you noticed how small you are???

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