Boston Swagger

So I’ll admit that I was a certified creeper today.  I woke up early just to track the live coverage of the Boston Marathon.  The elite women started promptly at 9:32 this morning and I was rooting for Kara Goucher the entire time.  In the men’s field I had my game face on for the ever charming Ryan Hall.  Both of these fabulous Americans took a top 5 finish and both set new PRs.  Love them!  So with all this Boston stalking, it just makes me want to do a full marathon ten times more!  Although the qualifying time for my age group just to get into Boston would be 3:40 (seemingly impossible), nothing is stopping me from doing any other marathon!

I may never qualify for Boston, but a girl can dream.  All this swagger just gets me more excited and makes me really hopefull that I can do a full sometime soon.  We’ll see where this summer’s training takes us, but until then I can live vicariously through all those 26,000 runners today who survived Heartbreak Hill.  Jealous, to say the least.

1 thought on “Boston Swagger

  1. I was SO excited to do my Boston stalking on monday!!! LOVED it!! If I was a believer, I'd say let's make a goal! ha However, I think I've missed my prime with EVER getting a BQ! 😉

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