If you haven’t heard about the series of tornadoes that went through Alabama, then come out from under that rock where you apparently live.  Tuscaloosa was destroyed, and the friends we have in Huntsville came to stay in Townsend for a few days due to the excessive power outages.  Even in light of all this tornado business,  I traveled to Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday to visit the campus of Samford University and got a taste of what being a Bulldog was all about.  Since Birmingham is on a time difference, it didn’t seem all that long to drive there.  I stopped in Chattanooga on the way there for a quick visit with friends in the area, then made my way down south.  Upon arriving, I got an impromptu tour from Zach Brown, and got a better idea of the layout of the Samford campus.  After coffee and a tour, I met up with my good friend Joanna Reynolds.  We dropped off my stuff in her dorm, then sang a few worship songs with the girls in her Bible study.  Great way to start the night.

Joanna took me on another trip around campus and we spent a good portion of the night playing cards at the student center.  Everyone I came into contact with showed me an incredible amount of kindness, and it was obvious that Samford was the right place for them. I was able to meet with an advisor in the Journalism department and get an in depth look at the major.  Attending a journalism class also sealed the deal in me wanting to go there.

After eating lunch and a visit to the campus bookstore and admissions office, Joanna and I opted for a nap out on the quad.  It was a little too hot for me to sleep, but I got a free frisbee.  Free swag is always a good thing!  After visiting a few more places on campus, I took another class which made me want to go there even more!  What an eventful two days it had been, but it was time to leave.  I said goodbye to Joanna and came back to Knoxville, proudly donning my new crimson red Samford shirt. 

This little trip has made me fall in love with Samford and I really could not imagine completing my college career anywhere else.  Since it is a private school, finances are going to be a little more tough than if I chose to go to UT, but I’m going to pray about this big decision and pray that God provides the financial aid and scholarships needed to attend.  Birmingham or bust!!

Could there be a more perfect place?


The quad.  Most perfect place ever!

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