What an eventful week this has been!  Finals are just around the corner, then school will be over for the semester.  Yay for that!  Back near my birthday, Robyn Smith, a volunteer coordinator for the CHKM, sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to go get pedicures as a birthday treat.  Uh, yeah!  So we met on Thursday for an hour of feet pampering.  I must admit that it felt mighty good to be such a girly girl, but I did feel sorry for the lady doing it since I have the ultimate sterotypical runner’s feet, black toes included.  Also included in my present was a camelback water bottle that resembled a sippy cup.  It is definitely the bomb dot com.  Love it! 

Meeting Robyn was just another perk of being part of the marathon team, as she was on last year’s team!  Getting to know her over the past two months has been such a blessing and although she says she is old enough to be my mom, I just consider her an older sister.  Love her!  🙂 

Color: California Raspberry.  Yay for pretty feet!

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