Lazy Day

Mmm.  Today has been a fantastic day to be lazy.  After sleeping in, I watched the royal wedding, and drooled over how pretty Kate’s wedding dress was.  Then I threw on my suit, a ballcap, and a Samford pocket tee and headed for the pool.  It was the perfect day to just lounge by the pool  reading the latest edition of Runner’s world, sipping on a nice cold non-alcoholic beverage.  I got some nice sun, and of course some relaxation.  The wind blew consistenly so I didn’t even break a sweat.  Like I said, the PERFECT day to lay out.  Then my favorite Carnes’ kids showed up along with their cousins who are visiting from Huntsville.  They convinced me to get in, and the water was heaven on my semi-red skin. 

Perfect days mean perfect nights and the sunset was the bomb dot com tonight.  Loved it!  How was your day today? 

Hello, summer.

Oh a sailor’s sky made a perfect sunset, and that’s a day I’ll never forget” 

1 thought on “Lazy Day

  1. Lucky!I am so ready to lounge poolside..if only I had a pool! LOL Glad you enjoyed your lazy day! I spent mine doing laundry, being soccer mom and sweeping (with a new broom!). haha See what you have to look forward to later in life!?!?

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