Bring a friend night!

Yesterday as I was browsing on Facebook, the KTC newsfeed came up that tonight would be Bring a Friend night at the weekly Monday night run.  It was also beginner’s night, so I enlisted my good friend Caitlin Gouge to join me.  Caitlin has recently expressed an interest in getting involved with the running circuit so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to expose her to the running scene.  So today we met at MC and set off an our little adventure.  She got to visit Runners Market for the first time and got to meet a few fellow runners.  My other good friend Kim showed up to run with us too.  When the run began, we let the fast ones take off while Caitlin and I took our sweet time.  We did not go too far, but she ran way farther than I had expected and really surprised me.  It was the perfect weather to run in and I was so blessed to have two such fine ladies to share my night with.  Yay!

Our little group!

1 thought on “Bring a friend night!

  1. YAY! I am so happy I got to see you. Sorry I took off though…looking bad I feel really bad! But I am proud of us all! it was a great evening. And we look dang good in that pic!

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