Holla!  It’s Friiiiday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday!  Yeah!  Anywho, last week was incredibly busy, so I never got around to doing a weekly recap or a Friday favorite.  So without further adieu, here are today’s Friday Favorites (on Monday):

1.  Townsend Elementary

I went to my old elementary school last week to visit the kids I teach at church.  Today they were all dressed up as a character from a book they read, and performed a “wax museum” for the community.   Their costumes were too cute and they had their lines memorized like pros.  Following the museum, I got to stay and eat lunch with them at the “special table”.  Oh, the joys of being ten years old. 

The wax museum kids!

Me with my three boys!

2.  Running! 

I met Kim last week in Alcoa to run on the greenway.  You may know by now that I’m not a fan of running with people because I usually go slower and I have a hard time speaking between gasping for air.  But after running a little with her during the half, I was really excited about it.  After taking a month off from running, I was moving a little slow, but we ended up logging around 6.4 miles and got the chance to talk a lot.  Love her!

3.  Free swag!

If you blog a lot, then I’m sure you have seen giveaways.  I follow a blog of a southern college girl and she recently had a giveaway of Kate Spade note cards.  I had never entered a giveaway via blog, but decided to give it a shot.  Low and behold I actually won!  She quickly sent my package in the mail and it arrived in a pretty pink envelope.  She sent me the sweetest card and I immediately used about three of the cards to send to some friends for well wishes on finals.  You can visit Grace’s blog here! 

The precious package it came in, her monogrammed card, and my brand new Kate Spade cards.

Me loving on my note cards and handwritten card.
**Note to all: Handwritten cards are by far my favorite thing ever**

Happy Monday!  What are your swagtastic plans for the week?  A run, a trip, just enjoying the first taste of summer?

1 thought on “Hollllla!

  1. You're so lucky to get to spend time at your old elementary school! I loved that about being in college. Miss those days.LOVED getting the chance to run with you. I'm sorry if I slow ya down any. BUT, slow or fast, I LOVE running with people…even if we aren't talking the whole time. Having the support there even in silence is a huge motivator. Let's definitely do it again, please!?!?! You are absolutely beautiful, Kelsey!!!

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