Sanka, You Dead Man?

Feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get on up, its fitness time! COOL RUNNINGS!!  Love that movie, but even more, I loved today’s workout.  Totally the!   Ashley is such a perfect (or crazy) best friend in the fact that she got up for a whole morning of working out today.  After leaving her house at 7:45, I’m not sure she quite knew what the day would have in store.  But we made it to our morning kickboxing class, followed by a cardio dance class!  Ashley was on the dance team her freshman year of college, so she knows how to get her groove on!  You may remember when we made up a dance for the  church talent show, so it was fun to revisit how to shake our bootys.  We ended our morning of fitness with BodyPump, and at one point I just looked at her and said “Sanka, you dead man?”.  After nearly a month taking it easy, my body was dying, but it hurt so good and felt great to be back in hard training mode.

Fitness morning. 
Please disregard my nastiness.  I told you I got my sweat on!
Ashley and I spent the rest of the afternoon taking catnaps and watching True Life.  Story of champions, I know!  Yvonne even called and we ended up doing a walk/short run tonight.  We clocked over 3.6 miles and did a really strong surge near the end with a fast run and got our pace to 6:29 min/mile.  Too bad that only lasted about 10 seconds.  Hope you enjoyed your Tuesday as much as I did mine!

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