Summer Lovin’

Before and after: Biggest Winner
I don’t know about y’all, but I think I look dang good in that photo.  a complete transformation in the last four months.  (insert BUT here)  But, I’m still aiming for my goals, and still working hard to reach my goal weight.  Summer just started for me, so I have the next three months to really dig deep and get to where I want to be.  With that being said, I composed a list of summer goals I would like to achieve.  Mind you, my goals are constantly changing and always under construction and being tweaked.  I guarantee you that some of these goals listed will no longer be a goal by the end of summer, not because I feel as though I cannot achieve them, but because sometimes you have an epiphany or a reality check about what you really want.
Summer lovin’ goal list:
1.  182: Goal weight.  This would put me a whopping 70 pounds below what I was my senior year of high school.  Ultimate goal weight for sure!
2.  7:30 mile: Just once.  I want to be able to run a 7:30 minute mile just one time.  I’m not at the peak fitness level to be able to keep this up for a solid three miles YET, but being able to do it just one time would be the perfect ending to summer workouts. 
3.  Sub 2 hour half: Don’t adjust your monitor. Yes, you read that right.  I have four half marathons lined up for the fall, and I really really want to break 2 hours at just one of them.  I did the Knoxville half in 2:31 and I know that knocking over 31 minutes off a time sounds completely ridiculous, but I plan on knocking this off my goal list for sure!
4.  Sub 27 5k: This would essentially be running under a 9 minute mile for 3 consecutive miles.  In other words, SCORE!  It’ll happen. 
5.  Norts/sports bra: Two days ago, my mom took two photos of me wearing only a sports bra and Nike running shorts (norts).  Unattractive to say the least.  At the end of summer, I’m going to take the photos again and compare the two.  And hopefully it will be as transforming as the photo at the top of this post.
6.  50 mile cycle: My boy Brett Morgan rides his road bike over 100 miles on a regular basis (and he doesn’t let me forget it either).  I don’t have a road bike, and I don’t even have a helmet, but by the end of this summer, me and Vegas (my bike) are going to ride 50 miles in one sitting.  Yes, it will happen.
So these are just a few of my goals for the summer.  Believe me, there is more, but these are the biggies on my list.  I hope you will hold me accountable in them!  What are your goals for the summer??

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