Friday Fives!

Rebecca Black was really onto something when her Friday song went viral.  Cannnot. Stop. Singing.  Anywho, its Friday which means its the weekend which means YAY!  Here are this week’s Friday faves!

1.  My best friend Ashley.  She was really sorta sick today, so I drove her to the doctor, went in the room with her, and then took her to get her prescription.  She must have recovered a little too since we also went to the mall and bought her lots of new clothes.  I totally lived through her and picked out things I actually wanted but made her buy them.  Best friends, for sure.

We never intentionally match.

2.  Baby Dalton.  I keep my cousin’s baby periodically and he is just the sweetest.  He is almost six months and has recently developed a major personality.  He can laugh now and can roll over and is about to sit up unassisted.  Love this sweet baby.

I dressed him in a yellow top and blue bottoms so he would look like Charlie Brown.
3.  Walking with my momma!  We go on walks several times a week and its a nice change of pace from working out and running.  We always talk about the latest gossip and wave at the nice people who honk at us while driving.  Such fun!
However we do match intentionally.
4.  Working out!  Ashley and I spent Tuesday taking three morning classes at the gym and it reminded me of how much I miss being at the gym every single day and how much I miss my trainers.  It was good to be back even for a day! 
Miss these cuties.  (p.s. Did I mention that Chip got married??)
5.  Bloggers!  I just began following about five new bloggers this week and have so much enjoyed getting to know them through their posts.  When Blogger shut down for a day, I thought I was having a stroke.  I’m always looking for new people to follow and I’m still in the process of revamping my blog and recreating it! 

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