Birds and Boys

You may remember from my last post that I am extremely terrified of the Carnes’ family bird.  It is by no means an evil bird, but something about how it tries to fly really creeps me out.  I’m not much of an animal fan anyway, so no surprise that I don’t like it.  But today I faced my fears and totally held the bird.  We put it on my shoulder and then I TOUCHED IT!   Holla!!

I had to practice last night with a fake bird.  Clearly I like the stuffed one better.

Cringe!  Sunny on my shoulder may be the new highlight of my life.

I know, I know, I’m too cool.  Sunny better have enjoyed his time with me, because it won’t be happening again.  Sophi and I had lunch with Kinsi and Braden today at school.  Such fun and I totally loved how giddy all the kids were since today was their last day of school.  Holla for summmma!  I was super tempted to break out into a High School Musical song to celebrate, but I’d prefer to stay their favorite aunt and spare them shame. 
Love my girls.

Gee Sophi.  Clearly trying to attract some fellow preschoolers. 

My boys from church, and Braden of course.  (Sophi too, although she didn’t enjoy being surrounded by smelly boys)
The boys and I spent the entire lunch telling riddles and thinking of word games.  Man, I miss 3rd grade.

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