Oh boy have I been lazy today.  USA television failed me since Law and Order: SVU was on allllll day long.   SVU is without a doubt one of my favorite shows on TV.  I just can’t get enough.  So between watching at least half a dozen episodes today, mixed with laundry, I have been lazy all day long.  This dreary and wet weather totally isn’t up to my summer standards.  Fingers crossed for good weather later this week.

I spent the later part of today at Yvonne’s house watching even more TV.  We watched Biggest Loser on its scheduled time and I seriously am in complete awe of those people.  I know how great I feel just by losing 37 pounds and slightly changing my life.  Their transformations are seriously unreal.  Love it love it!  After the babies went to bed, we (and uncle Nanc) watched the season finale of Survivor!  Totally wished Matt would have won, but given the final three, I’m glad Boston Rob took home the money.  Maybe he’ll take his million and buy me a charity entry to Boston!  Maybe? 

I get to be the favorite aunt tomorrow and take my sweet Sophi to eat lunch with Braden and Kinsi at school.  Tomorrow is their last regular day then Thursday is awards day/Kindergarten graduation.  I must say that I may shed a tear or two when Kinsi becomes a 1st grader.  Oh, and get excited because tomorrow’s post will include a picture of me holding Sunny, the Carnes’ bird.  I am petrified of it and the only time I ever touched it was when I held a spatula it was perched on.  Cringe.  I hope you all had a happy Tuesday and cannot wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

This is a little old, but I hate posts with no pictures!  I just love being Aunt KK.  Love these babies.
Quote of the day: “KK, when you become a grown up, you can have dibs on buying the basement of our house.”  -Kinsi.   Much appreciated, Little One.

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