Trout fishing!

I had my favorite kids today, so to cure the summertime blues, I suggested that we go fishing!  I’m not exactly the most outdoorsy person there ever was, but I do like to fish.  So with a few pointers from Braden, we were standing in the river trying our shot.  Braden casted ONE TIME, and had a bite.  He reeled in and sure enough had a little fish.  I was not so lucky in my attempt to catch a fish.  In the two hours of fishing, I managed to spill the corn, loose my hook, fall on a rock, and not catch anything. 

As you could imagine, I grew really impatient and told Braden he had one more cast then we would leave.  Just as I walked onto dry ground, he yelled that he had caught something.  That’s an understatement.  Check out what he caught:

Now that is a great 18 inch trout!
What a catch!  So impressed and after going to get GrandDad to look at the nice little trout, I was determined to catch my own.  I baited back up and casted out with some expert advice from GD and sure enough, I got a bite!  It was a sorry little measley fish, but it was a fish!  They let it go before I had a chance to go get the camera, but trust me when I tell you I caught a fish!  Fun adventures and a great way to start out the kids’ summer break! 
P.S.  Kinsi graduated Kindergarten today!!
Check out that form!

Little Man and his spectacular catch!

Little Man and myself!  He can also be dubbed my co-pilot.

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