EYS and Packing!

So I’m sure you have seen Extreme Couponing on TLC.  If you haven’t, then Google it.  Seriously.  I am always floored at how those people can buy hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of groceries and literally only pay pennies.  Anywho, both yesterday and today I tried my hand at a new extreme: yard sales. 

Momma suggested we have a little yard sale to not only get rid of a few things, but make a little extra spending money for our big BEACH TRIP!  So I willingly woke up before seven in the morning both yesterday and today to sell our goods.  We didn’t have much, but we made just enough to do a little something fun at the beach.  Maybe TLC show will come out with an Extreme Yard Sale show.

Front hand footage of our yard sale.  Not much, but still got the job done.

I began reading this book in between customers and am already over halfway through it.  Yay for reading and for having time to read!
This afternoon, Momma and I went for our usual 3 mile walk, then cleaned the church.  My friend KIM totally saved my butt today and lended me three swimsuits to take on my beach trip.  I love them and am so stoked to wear them.  I only own one swimsuit, so having a few extra for a week at the ocean will definitely come in handy.  Thanks again, Kim! 
I’ve been trying to pack, but it truly stresses me out.  I get super compulsive and make lists and piles and such, but it is never organized which is chaos for my soul.  I’m also THAT GIRL who overpacks!  No, not THAT GIRL who packs a whole lot of stuff so that she can change her outfit with each trip to the hotel room, or THAT GIRL who has to bring two extra bags just for shoes.  I just pack a lot because I’m simply afraid that I will not bring something that I may come to need later on.  My pink suitcase sure does come in handy.
Disclaimer: If you are not a fan of organized chaos, please shield your eyes to the atrocity that lies ahead.  I swear I am usually an organized person, and by the time we leave for the beach tomorrow, my suitcase will be immaculate.  Until then, I leave you with this:
Don’t hate me ’cause you ain’t me!

1 thought on “EYS and Packing!

  1. So glad I could help! I hope you have tons of fun at the beach…don't forget to blog with LOTS of pics. 😉 And ya wanna know how great of a packer I am??? I got all 4 of us packed for our week at the beach last year in ONE suitcase. Oh yeah!!!And before I forget because i DO keep forgetting…I seriously DO have something for you. When you get back PROMISE me you will tell me to get it to you!

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