Beach Days 1&2

I know you all must be super duper jealous of me at the beach this week!  Coastal Carolina is flawless and the weather could not be more perfect (sorry to all you people back in East TN who are dealing with the storms).  We left Sunday afternoon and drove straight to the beach, only stopping for food and gas.  It is still early in the season so the crowds are minimal which makes it perfect for relaxation.

Ashley and I all packed up and ready to hit the road.

Theme phrase for the week.

I was so impressed by the organization of hot sauce at Taco Bell.

Gas is a must. 

Yesterday Momma and I got up early to get breakfast for all three of us, and we walked about 4.5 miles to get our daily dose of exercise in. Let’s just say that the Tennessee climate did not prepare me for the heat and ungodly 97 percent humidity. Following our exericising, we retreated to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. I was able to catch up on some Cosmo reading and work on my lobster burn. Go white girls!

Ashley is quite excited about going to the ocean. 

Getting our burn tan on.

You know you like me. 

Oh hey, best friends.

What an artistic shot. 

Hooray for lazy rivers!

Last night, we traveled to a fancy Piggly Wiggly and did a little “high end” shopping. By high end, I mean we went into stores that only the priviledged could afford and drooled of what we would never own. Our big purchase of the night was a writing tablet from Anthropologie. Hello, journal! Food was next on the agenda and we decided on our favorite River City Cafe. Perfect day if you ask me.

Piggly Wiggly candy!

Pretending to be a good shopper and buy my veggies.

We totally dig the pig.

Hmm, The Perfect Summer?  We’ll see. 

River City!


My attire for running back to the pool to see if Ashley’s bracelets were still there.  I look “tuff”.
Ashley and I tried to be like all the cool people who walk on the beach at night, but soon discovered that we were all by our lonesome. Where the cool kids at??  So we settled for attempting yoga, and taking pictures of our lovechild, also known as the room key.
Not happy about no one being at the beach.

Vanna White?

Lovechild: RK

FYI, no I wasn’t drinking.  I was attempting to do yoga sans laughter.

Curse you power balance bracelet.  I couldn’t stand straight.
More posts to come throughout the week.  Lots of pictures too!  Hope your eyes can handle it :)

1 thought on “Beach Days 1&2

  1. Girlfriend! I am so jealous of your amazingly fun time. And might I add…you look so HOT! As in, you are quite a sun hottie. 🙂 Love the suit. 😉 Have a blast!

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