Beach Days 3&4

Iiiii’m gonna soak up the sunnnnn, I’m gonna tell everyone to be jeaaaalous.  Okay, sorry I changed the words to Sheryl Crow’s song,  but I am totally digging this whole sunshine all day every day deal.  Tuesday began with another morning of walking with Momma.  We didn’t go as far, but I’m pretty sure she was too busy checking out the lifeguard who stood watch at tower 75 to notice.  After eating lunch at a local hibachi grill, the rest of the afternoon was nothing but soaking up the sun and sticking our toesies in the water.

Rice with chicken and shrimp. 
Hot dang.

We were in for a treat when Momma’s best friend and her daughter showed up to join us on our vacation.  Since they came a little later in the day, we immediately piled up to go shopping.  The purchases were slim, but pretending to be on ANTM was serious business. Then while in traffic, these crazy males started to talk to us and tried to convince us that they played for the Pellican’s baseball team.  Too bad I had a baseball schedule in my bag to check their story.  Liars.  Oh, and we cannot forget the trip to Krispy Kreme to clog our arteries!

Bow chicka wow wow.  Rompers!

Boys are clearly liars!

Krispy Kreme donuts!  (Rather, what is left of them)
Wednesday was spent sleeping the morning away, plus a little morning shopping.  Beach bums was the words of the day and we laid all day long.  Ashley and I put our big girl panties on and actually got out in the ocean.  Be proud.  
Getting my boogey on.

Please excuse my Voldemort face.

Only celebs have their pics taken in the ocean.

1 thought on “Beach Days 3&4

  1. Rock on! Looks like so much fun and I AM totally jealous. I wanna go…oh wait, I am in 24 more days!!!! I hope I have as much fun as it looks like you are. And shame shame shame on those lying boys.

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