Beach Days 5&6

Vacation’s almost over!  NOOOOOO.  Thursday Ashley and I spent the morning shopping of course and she finally got hair feathers put in her hair!  She is excited to say the least.  It was our last full day of vacation, so we relaxed (and napped) on the beach for the remainder of the day. 

Best friends.

Loving those bikers behind us that kept waving.
As for the evening, more shopping of course!  Us ladies just cruised around some shops and bought very little.  Then we “hit the strip” to ride the Skywheel, and ride a thrill ride swing.  Did I mention that it is black bikers week at the beach?  There were people everywhere and I’m pretty sure my ears are still bleeding from the zoooom zooooms coming from crotchrockets. 
Barefoot landing.

Shooting star.

I wish this photo could show you how hard we were screaming.


Day 6 was spent eating breakfast at Lulu’s cafe since it was my momma’s birthday.   Then it was time to hit the road home.  I drove until we were about 2 hours away from home, then Chickfila was calling our name.  After we got back on the road, traffic was real backed up so we ended up being set back an hour.  I’m  pretty sure it also took us over an hour to unload or stuff . Holla if you overpack!! 
Glad to be back and get back in the groove this week!  Oh, and guess who got accepted to Samford???

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