Memorial Day

What a beautiful day to kick off the summer with the much anticipated holiday of Memorial Day.  I don’t know about y’all, but today has been a pretty great day.  I woke up at what seemed like the crack of dawn (post 9am) to go walk a HOT 3 miles with Momma.  It was rough, lemme tell you.  We then spent quite a while getting the church all spic and span for our Vacation Bible School next week. Good times, right?

I also got a new job today!  Holla!  More information on that later, but it is going to suit me just fine and I start on Wednesday.  Can I get a witness??!  Then, it was RIVER TIME!  Living in Townsend definitely has its perks once summatime hits and today was one of those times.  The river felt great today and I just spent the day floating my worries away!  Momma’s good friend Julie has a little cabin right on the river that even has a beach area so we just spent the glorious afternoon there. 

Floating all day long! 

I’d love to play beach volleyball with this little baby.

Cutest little cabin ever.

Kitchen area.  Perfect river house.

My island float was huge!
Tomorrow its back to the grind and I’ll be sweating the morning away with kickboxing, cardio jam, and Pump!  Holla!

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