Freight Train’s a Coming!

Well, after spending the majority of April and May being a very bad fitness witness, it was back to the grind today!  I’m not going to lie when I say that the past two months have been a bit of a struggle for me.  I fell in love with fitness and pretty much lived for eating healthy and working out constantly.  Motivation surrounded me with my marathon team and all of our publicity.  But in the days following the race, I hit a slump.  It wasn’t that I was tired of working out or sick of eating a restricted diet, I just didn’t know what else to do and I felt like I should “reward” myself with putting in so much work over the previous four months and that I deserved a break.

So, I fell off the train and started going back to my old ways.  Sure, I would go out and walk a lot with my Momma and go hike with Missy. But as far as actually working out and eating anything healthy?  That would be a big N-O.  I kept telling myself that it was okay because I needed a break.  The only thing that this philosophy got me was a bigger number on the scale and low energy. 

I got back from the beach on Saturday and went to good ole Wally World to stock up on some groceries.  I ate perfectly all day on Sunday and Monday and decided that today would be the day I find my groove for working out again. 

Who is that girl??  Oh wait, that was ME in December!
Who is that girl?  Oh wait, that is me after winnng Biggest Winner!
I reviewed my post about my summer goals and although I wrote it almost a month ago, I’m ready to start achieving that goal.  Thinking about checking them off my list makes me all giddy inside.
The past several weeks has really been an eye opener for me and I’m so stoked to hop back on the train.  I realize there are no excuses for my actions, but I’m honestly glad that I did fall off the train because it is so easy to do in the “real world” and it just shows I’m human.  Isn’t there a Chinese proverb or something that says “fall down seven times, stand up eight”.  I fell down, and now I’m back up, so look out world because this freight train is a coming!!

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