Bootcamp and Baseball

It is truly a miracle that I am writing this post.  Seriously.  I practically died today.  Let’s rewind to yesterday when my friend Jill invited me to come to our local football field today for a workout session with her husband.  She warned me in a nonchalant way about how hardcore of a work out it would be, but I just laughed it off and decided I would join them today.  Bad idea.  Allow me to take you on a tour of what we did today. 

First I got there a little too early so I took pictures of myself to pass the time!  What else would I do?


Hello, hydration.
Once everyone arrived, we started strectching and did a warm up lap.  I totally wish that I had photos of that.  It was painful and ugly.  Then Lee (Jill’s husband) thought it would be a good idea to run hills for 6 minutes.  PSYCHO!  I kinda hated him, and let him know it!  Then we ran another lap.

Happy people.
He split everything into circuits and there were multiple exercises in each circuit.  Plyometrics were first and we did all sorts of crazy named jumps and stuff.  Hard!!!  Then it was a lap run.  The circuits that followed were legs, chest/arms, and core.  I almost died like ten different times.  No joke!
Pre-death.  Building muscle!

Push ups!

Question of the day:  Stretching or dying?? 
We ended it with yoga! Lee kept telling us to relax and his 10 year old said “how can we relax when our legs are burning?”. That’s smart thinking, kid!   I was beyond pumped when it was OVER. I am such a complainer. I love working out, but I love it even more when I’m done!! When I take classes at the gym, I constantly watch the clock. Too bad I didn’t have that option today. Thank God I survived!
Don’t judge.  I was getting my upward dog on.

The death continues.
I may have whined the whole time, but I really loved it.  The best part?  Baseball at the end.  Team Kelsey tied against our opponents, but we’ll beat up on them next time!  Now I’m going to go stuff my face with grapes and watch my favorite sporting event of the year: the Scripps National Spelling Bee!
P.S.  My Carnes family comes home today!  Welcome home guys because Aunt KK missed you.   Hope you like the surprise I left for you at your house 🙂

The sign that I hung on the Carnes’ door!  I promise I don’t always look this bald.

Barely missed the sunset tonight!

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