I’m not too sure if you have noticed or not, but it is HOT in Tennessee.  Deadly hot.  After sleeping in this morning to make sure I get the twelve hours of sleep that I deserve of course, Yvonne and I went walking/running.  When we began, I felt a little tiny bit of pride since we were braving the heat, but by the end, I felt nothing but stupid.  It was soooo hot but we trekked on and ended up clocking 3.8 miles.  Score. 

We look hot, and its not because of the 95 degree heat.
The sign I made for the Carnes family for their big arrival home was a huge hit, and I was beyond stoked to see them today!  It has almost been two weeks and I was worried they would forget who Aunt KK was.
B’s super legit sombrero from Cozumel
Thankfully we survived our run today and were able to soak up some sunshine at the river.  With it being so hot outside, the river practically felt like a swimming pool.  At least I was in good company.  And tonight was little B’s big baseball game.  We packed up the car and traveled to Knoxville to watch him play.  His team may have lost but he was super tough and took a pretty hard hit on his batting arm when the pitcher hit him.  Atta boy, throw some dirt on it. 
Sophi knows that every photo means an opportunity to make a good blog face.

Getting an arm workout since I didn’t make it to the gym today.

Proud of little B, win or lose.
So there you have it folks.  My Friday.  What all do you have planned for the weekend??

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