A New Training Partner

Happy Saturday!  I am still getting used to being a working girl, so getting up before 9am this morning posed a few problems, but I was up and at it.  I was staffed in recreation today and met some of the coolest kids.  We tie-dyed t-shirts, made crafts, had a hay ride, and I played lots of football with one kid.  Great day!  As soon as I got off work, it was a race against the clock to get home in time to meet my girl Caitlin to walk a little and lift some weights.

Enter cool girls.  I decided to toughen her up a little and make her do Chesnut hill. She did super fab and didn’t whine a bit. That’s my kinda gal.  We ended up clocking 3.5 miles and even ran into Momma while walking.  Bless her heart for putting up with me while we went and strength trained afterwards.  I tried to make it as easy as possible so I wouldn’t scare her, but I ended up really feeling it and even started feeling sore.  Holla for the in shape wannabees we are! 

Disregard my double chin(s) and focus on how cute Caitlin looks in her pink.  Girl knows how to please me!
Caitlin is a real go-getter and is so stoked about working out and getting in shape. It is so good to have someone who is so motivated and isn’t afraid to work out.  Props to you, Caitlin.  I’m so thrilled that we will spend the summer together getting tan skinny and hot!  Look out world, we are gaining biceps and will soon be armed and dangerous.
Don’t lie, you know you like it.  We look tough and HOTT!

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