Slam Dunk!

As if I was not already sore from my first road bike trip today, I volunteered to be in the dunking booth tonight at church.  It was our family night for VBS and we had a rock wall, dunking booth, pony rides, petting zoo, and all the food someone could dream of. 

First off I decided to climb the rock wall.  I’m not scared of heights or anything, I have just never climbed one before since I let my weight stand in the way.  But I got harnessed in and took off.  I made it over 3/4 of the way up before I fell.  Not only did I slip, but I slammed into the wall, taking out my knee and back.  The worst part?  The lady I gave my camera too forgot to take pictures!  Sad day. 

Pre climbing. 
Following the mayhem of climbing, it was my turn in the booth.  Just as I sat on the little board, my cousin came over and slammed the buzzer thing.  I cut my arm up pretty bad since I was still holding on, and my booty slammed into the ground below me.  Ouchers.  It was just about as legit as it comes and I had too much fun!  Hope you had a happy Thursday!
The thumbs up is a clear sign that I was ready to be in there.  Madeline was on standby to ensure that I got wet.


I may or may not have been doing the robot dance into the water.

Cory was such a trooper! 

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