Girls Night

It is no secret that I absolutely love having a great time no matter what it is.  Tonight I met with two of my favorite girls for a spur of the moment old fashioned GNO!  That’s Girls Night Out for all you people who don’t listen to Hannah Montana!  We met at Calhouns on the River for some good country bbq and outside dining.  The weather was super perfect for eating on the deck by the water.

GNO with Kelly the Irish lady.

Chandler and myself.

So healthy.  You know you want some.

I met Kelly and Chandler last year in college and have had so much fun getting to know them over the past year.  Luckily they only live about an hour from me so visiting is rather easy, but this was our first outing of the summer. 
Chandler is such a fashionista.  Hope she was proud that I was wearing something besides sweaty workout clothes.

Calhouns BBQ sauce really is great!
Oh, and did I mention our awesome server??  She kept my water glass constantly full which is really hard to do.  The restaurant was also really busy, but she had a big smile on her face and even sneaked us some cornbread.  Who is this fabulous server you may ask?  See if you recognize her.
It was my best friend Ashley!!!

She totes got a good tip.  (p.s. yes I have eyebrows.  They are just totes blonde)
Following all this good eating, we made a mad dash to the mall to stock up on our jewelry supplies and find some other goodies.  I ended up getting a few hair accessories and earrings too.  Nothing could stop me from drooling over Lilly dresses though.  I even tried one on and vowed that if I reach my goal weight by the end of summer, then I shall splurge on it.
Since we couldn’t ride together, we sang at each other at the redlights.

Please ignore the hair and focus on the accessory.  Be glad my hair is actually clean.  And brushed.

The most perfect sailboat dress ever.
Do you ever have GNO?

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