I got the goods!

After sleeping in well past eleven today (such a slacker, i know), I got ready and drove to Knoxville to meet Chandler for a shopping trip.  Our first store was unsuccessful so we decided to just go to the mall.  Umm, totally forgot about this crazy power outage and over half of the stores inside the mall were closed.  Too bad, so sad.

 We grabbed some grub then headed into the Limited!  They were having a massive sale, so we definitely took advantage!  Upon checkout, the items I bought were actually even lower than ticket price and then I realized that they do a student discount too which got added to my already on super sale items!  Score for super savings!

One of today’s purchases.

Afterwards, I went to Calhoun’s to sit in Ashley’s section while she brought me an endless supply of ice water. Love her for that. And, like the dork awesome best friend I am, I actually took my new purchases in to show her! She of course loved them, and loves me so its just a happy day!

Yes, I requested the kid’s menu.

Soft pretzels with beer cheese and horseradish mustard.  Yumm-o.

Shopping bags sure do make great dinner dates.
Check back tonight for today’s workout log, and to see the goods I got from Runners Market!

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