Racking up at Runners Market

Runners Market is a running store in the Knoxville area.  They have two different locations so that people from all parts of the area can come rack up in running shoes, gear, and other various fitness related items!  If you remember from my post earlier, I went shopping today!  My last stop on today’s agenda was a quick trip to RM.  I had a gift card to spend, plus some shorts to take back, so needless to say I had a bit of store credit to my name, which made for a not so quick stop.

I had lost the gift card I had but the staff working there were so kind and helped me out a lot and ended up still letting me have it.  Plus the shorts I returned were actually a gift so I didn’t have the reciept and they still even let me return those!  Super fine customer service, let me tell you. After multiple trips around the store, I didn’t really see any apparel that I absolutely could not live without, so I stocked up on socks and fuel.  I tried my new black socks out tonight and they are perfect!  I definitely see a new sock addiction brewing.

Hello new socks and super good fuel.
As if I wasn’t annoying enough to the poor people working there, they even threw in two extra energy gels!  How neat is that?  I’m a sucker for free stuff so I really racked up.  The best part?  I didn’t use all my store credit so now I just have an excuse to go back and get more goodies! 
I love any place that has good products and exceptional customer service and Runners Market is overflowing with both.  As somewhat of a bigger person, it is a little intimidating to walk into a running store without feeling a little hesitant about my 10 minute mile pace, but I’m always welcomed there and walk out feeling better about myself.  Props to you, Runners Market for being fabulous and on your A-game! 
Check RM out and be part of the awesomeness!
Are there any running specific stores that you cannot live without?

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