Chocolate Slip n Slide

Yep, you heard right.  Today at work we had a Chocolate Slip n Slide?  Best idea ever.  In case you didn’t know, I’m not the biggest fan of getting all down and dirty, but today I put aside any clean rule I may have had and completely got a little wet and wild. 

First, we had to get the chocolate pudding.

The poison.

Disregard the fact that the pudding looks like porta potty remnants.
Just to make sure the contraption we created was safe, I had to lather myself in chocolate and hurl myself down the tarp.  Classy, I know.
Covered in some nastiness that was formerly chocolate pudding.

Graceful as can be.

Gee, I have chocolate up my rear end and I like it.

Its easy to smile when you get paid to bathe in chocolate.
As if we were not dirty enough, I embraced my inner male self and lathered in mud.  This princess got down and dirty and even had dirty fingernails.  Love me now, judge me later.
Completely horrified by the lard I was sitting in.

Dang mud covered my biceps up.

Dirty fingernails. A first for me.

It was a super fun day and the kids really enjoyed it.  Maybe next year we can just have one giant pool of pudding and syrup, then I could eat it as opposed to just rolling in it, hog style.  Happy Saturday!

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