Splashes and Seeds!

Thanks to an awesome deal at my work, I get free passes to the local waterpark for free!  What a dang good deal. I was off yesterday, so Ashley and I took advantage of this and spent the whole day getting sunburnt and water logged.  We arrived right as the park opened, so we had a chance to ride most of the things we were brave enough to ride.  We alternated between lazy river, riding rides, and being lazy.  A perfect day of fun if you ask me.

Sometimes we pretend we are sisters.  Twins, to be exact.

Wasting the day away.  Don’t be too jealous.
So after spending all the live long day in the sun, I came home and about tore the fridge down trying to get watermelon.  I had bought this watermelon at the grocery store a few days ago because they were on sale and the sign said seedless.  Check out what I got:
WHAT ARE THOSE???!!?  False advertising on the seedless.
A few seeds didn’t stop me from eating my weight in it though.
Watermelon is by far my favorite fruit ever.  I could eat it all day everyday and be completely content.  Too bad it is only good in the summertime.  Do you have a special fruit/food that you especially love during the sweet summertime?

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