Apparently I’m cool??

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the coolest of them all?  That would be ME.  So I’ve been following Stef for some time here on Blogger, and recently I decided to shoot her an email begging to be on her “Introducing” posts.  Lucky me, she actually allowed me to.  I know right?!!  Soo neat and such a fabulous opportunity.  Seven new people followed me today, so I feel awesome knowing that people besides my mom and best friend actually like me.  Self esteem increased 49 points today! 

Thanks to all you new readers and all you people who spent five minutes of precious blog stalking time to check out how legit I am!  You can see Stef’s post HERE!  Thank again Stefanie for letting me be awesome on your precious blog today.  Give Little C and Winston kisses from me! 

In other fitness news, I ran tonight.  Sort of.  My real life blogger friend Kim and I went to Runners Market for their Wednesday night fun run.  Fun, my butt.  It was blazing hot, but we were kind enough to hide our elite status and stay in the back.  I really wasn’t feeling it today and just walked a lot while Kim got her groove on and ran wayyy more than me!  You rock, girl!  Oh, and I hope you enjoy looking at the atrocity that happens to be on my feet.  Everybody go buy my faux glow shoes so we can all be twinsies.  K, thanks, bye!!!

Please tell me how cute they are!!

Kim is so awesome that she doesn’t even need faux glow shoes!!
What all did you do on this wonderful Wednesday??

2 thoughts on “Apparently I’m cool??

  1. ummm. for real i am obsessed with those shoes. and i feel pretty uncool that I do NOT have them. i better get on that. and you are pretty awesome. i am already obsessed with your blog. duh! have a good night!

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