Dollywood and Sleepover!

Yesterday my friend Tyler and I went to Dollywood, a local amusement park in my area.  We arrived a little late and had to park in the farthest parking lot, but to our surprise there were no lines anywhere we went!  We hit up the roller coasters and the obstacle course.  I am considering walking all over the park in the heat my exercise for the day as well as the obstacle course.  We had to climb, crawl, zip and trek over tight ropes and other various things.  Super fun stuff.  It is currently Kid’s Fest at DW so we attended “The Gazillion Bubbles Show”.  Legit as it comes.  Some dude can do soooo many cool things with bubbles that you would never even imagine could be done.  And we had Taco Bell for din din.  But I got a plain chicken soft taco, so that’s healthy right?

Taco Tyler ordering for me. 

I know he’s cute!  Good arm candy for sure!
On the way home we decided to stop in Pigeon Forge for another thrill ride.  They call it the SkyScreamer and after I saw the video they made of us, I’d say it is the perfect name.  I freaked out a little, but it was SO worth it.  Loved it!
Having a minor stroke before climbing on board the skyscreamer.

That thing swings around.  You know it looks scary.
As if my day was not already busy enough yesterday, I drove the thousand miles that stands in between me and ļ»æChandler to spend the night and have a night of mayhem.  Her little brother joined us on our adventures and practically mauled me before I even got out of the car.  Love that family.  We went ghost hunting, and tried on Chandler’s clothes, and looked at basketball goals, and watched movies.  Cool, I know.  They didn’t even judge me from being all nasty from DW either. 

John Christian is too busy scanning the sky for UFOs to pose for pictures. 

Night time joy.

Chan chan loves me and my sweaty self.
Happy weekend!

3 thoughts on “Dollywood and Sleepover!

  1. Your pictures look like so much fun! And no way would you get me on that ride!Thanks for linking up with FF! Would you mind adding the FF button to your post for the next link up? I'm trying to grow the link up to HUGE and your blog will be helpful. Thanks šŸ™‚

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