I’m pretty sure I was being followed.

Tonight I met a girl I went to high school with for a quick 4 mile walk on our local bike trail.  It seemed hot outside, but I barely broke a sweat, so I was so disappointed.  I’m already in holiday mode, so I donned some patriotic wear for our 4miler.  Such fun.  It was great to catch up and talk about the random things in life like how we can’t breathe while walking up hill and how big our pit stains were.  Fun, I know.  Btw, Lindsey is in culinary school right now.  Super jealous.

As we were walking, a car came onto the trail  behind us and low and behold it was my dad.  So glad it wasn’t some total creep trying to kidnap a 20 year old.  He was like “uhh hello daughter you look skinny today”.  Thanks for the self esteem boost, Pops.  Good times.

I have a night 5k tomorrow.  It is a flat course, so I’m hoping to break through my slump and FINALLY break 30 minutes.  We’ll see.  I’m not prepared, but good things come to those who run slow, right?  Right.

The look of determination. 

How cool am I?  Proud to be an American, for sure.

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