Why you gotta be so mean?

Last night I took my niece Halli to see Taylor Swift in concert.  T-Swizzle sold out a long time ago, but we were able to snag some seats last minute.  I was so excited to not only belt out every single lyric to all the songs that I know, but to spend some time with my mini-me. 

I painted my nails for the occasion. Big. Deal.

Let’s pretend for 5 seconds that Halli was more excited than me.

Inspired by Taylor’s fashion sense.
We arrived early enough to see the opening act  take pictures of ourselves and see a few people we knew.  Our seats were in the perfect location, and TSwift put on a great show!  I tried to outsing Halli the whole time, but I’ll just give her dibs and say that she was cooler than me.  Good concert, good time, and bad parking garage traffic.
Will the REAL 12 year old please stand up?


Do you have any guilty pleasures in music??

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