No red carpet?

I’ve been seeing these blogger award posts coming into my Google Reader and have been totally enjoying learning such random facts aout all you amazing runners.  Well, finally the fabulous Nikki at The Worth of My Sole chose me to recieve a Blogger Award.

Nikke is so neat and loves the Karate Kid just like me and hates cold weather too.  We are destined to be BFFs!  She has the cutest little family and even loves frozen yogurt.  I hope she doesn’t think I’m a complete blog stalking ceep.  But, go check her out and bask in how fabulous she is.  Thanks again, Nikki! 

Now I need to go hire Rachael Zoe to be my stylist for the awards that have no red carpet.  A girl can dream.  Well, here goes my blogger award post:

Favorite Cartoon Character

No caption needed.
Favorite thing to photograph
Best nieces and nephew award.
My favorite thing to cook

Cupcakes.  (My best friend Ashley made all these because she has patience.  I don’t.)
My favorite exercise
Beating a boxing bag senseless.  Please disregard the face.  I promise I’m nice in real life.
Favorite movie
You’re killing me Smalls.  The Sandlot is a classic.
Favorite article of clothing
I have a slight obsession with Nike Tempo shorts.
Favorite flower
Pink gerber daisies.
Favorite breakfast
Biscuits and sausage gravy.  MMMMM.
Favorite book I’ve read recently
The movie was great too!
Favorite place to be
Anywhere on the water.
Add your own:
Favorite day of the week
This song is strangely addicting.
So there you have it.  My post about myself for my blogger award.  Here are the SIX awesome bloggers I want you to get to know:

Happy Tuesday, and consider this my acceptance speech.

6 thoughts on “No red carpet?

  1. Yay! Fun getting to know you better. Those Charlie Brown Christmas specials were the best!! Man.. you are beating the tar out of that bag!!! Woo HOO! Love the Sandlot too! So fun!

  2. I have to admit I totally love that Friday song too. "Partyin, partying YEAH!" It kind of rocks. Did I just say that?New follower from the hop. I'm looking forward to reading more! (Oh, and you look totally tough while boxing. That's hardcore!)Sarah

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