Babies and bikes and bondibands!

After sleeping in today, I got to watch my sweet baby cousin for the morning while his mom got some work done.  He was the sweetest thing and I was lucky enough that he took a 2 hour nap.  Dalton is only 7 months old but already weighs 23 pounds.  Carrying him around is a workout in itself.  Love that sweet boy!

How can you not love him??
Then me and the madre walked 3 miles and it was muggy as all get out!  Seriously.  I was sweating bullets and trying not to die.  During my April half marathon, Momma really messed up my bicycle and here we are three months later finally getting it fixed!  Thank goodness.  We spent two hours at the bike shop getting them to fix the brakes and cables.  Yay for being able to use biking as cross training again. 
Do you love giveaways???  I dooo!  My good friend Kim  is currently sponsoring a giveaway and her special prize is the super awesome BondiBands.  So go on over and check her out HERE and hopefully you can win.  But you’ll have to beat meee!
I really love this BondiBand
What else do you have in store for the weekend?

2 thoughts on “Babies and bikes and bondibands!

  1. YAY!! Thanks, friend!! I'm Kenyan in my dreams too and not just because of their lightning running speed…have you seen how skinny they are??!? 😉 love!

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