Another award?

Geez louise.  Can’t believe that Julia over at Pain, Pride and Perseverance picked ME for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I’m really grateful that someone somewhere actually likes this blog and likes me.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Thanks again, Julia.  You go girl!

So now I’m apparently supposed to share 7 lovely things about myself.  This works out perfectly since I LOVE talking about myself.  😉
1.  I may be an only child, but my best friend Ashley and me pretend to be sisters.  Seriously.  We dress alike sometimes and when in public use terms such as “our mom”.  Yeah, we are cool.
Don’t tell me that you can’t tell we are twinsies.
2.  I was a pirate in my previous life.
3.  I’m not the most fashionable person in the world.  I live in my Nike tempo shorts and a tee shirt.  99% of the time, I don’t care what I’m seen in.  I’m even guilty of wearing these in public:
I must be from TN, because I’m the only ten I see.
4.  I was raised by a single momma.  She has done everything for me and made many many sacrifices to provide everything I need and more.  And we look alike, so she enjoys the fact that people sometimes mistake us for “sisters”.
Pink ladies.
5.  I’m kindasorta a neat freak about certain things.  One of these things is NOT my car.  I practically live out of it and people can rarely sit in the front seat unless they chuck everything in the back.
6.  I have always been an English junkie.  My freshman English teacher played a pivotal role in this, then I took AP English my junior year with another fantastic teacher.  Post high school, I remained in touch with them and we all ended up becoming racing girls.  Both ladies have been a big part of my life, and I’m thankful that our friendship didn’t stop after high school.
Myself, Amanda, Kelly, and another teacher at Amanda’s baby shower.

Who knew that English could lead to racing?
7.  I’m a huge baseball fan.  I played from kindergarten until 5th grade.  Now I enjoy watching it on tv, playing it with other people, and watching my nephew play.  For my 19th birthday, myself and 19 friends went to ATL to watch my Braves play.
The nosebleed seats didn’t stop us from being on the jumbotron!

So there you have it.  A little more random bits about me.  Thanks so much Julia for picking me.  Happy weekend!

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